•  Pupils should attend their classes punctually and should come to school with a lot of preparations.
  • Pupils should show respect and reverence to the school authorities and staff.
  • Students will not be allowed to go out of the school without a Gate Pass during school hours or during lunch hour.
  • Due attention as should be paid to the personal hygiene.
  • The usage of cell phones in the school by the students is strictly prohibited.
  • Any dangerous weapons/electrical gadgets as should not be brought to school.


  • Pupils should keep the classrooms and the school premises absolutely clean.
  • Someone strictly forbidden them from scribbling on the wall, furniture or any part of the school premises.
  • Any damage done to the school property will be paid for according to the discretion of the Principal.
  • Students should be courteous and polite to their companions.


  •  Students should be regular and punctual to the school.
  • Attendance is compulsory on the reopening day.
  • A minimum of 90% attendance is required for the promotion to the next higher class.
  • The students who fall sick as should submit a medical certificate along with parent’s letter on the date of joining.
  • Pupils who absent themselves from examinations without adequate reasons will be treated as failed.
  • Students have a good sense of social justice so that the transition makes them socially responsible.


  • Children should come to school in neat proper uniform.
  • They should not wear precious ornaments to school.
  • Students should ensure that the nails are cut, their teeth cleaned and their hair properly combed and braided.


  •  Parents should not disturb the teachers during working hours they may meet them after 3.30 p.m.
  • Parents desirous of meeting the Principal can meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays alone between 3.30 p.m and 4.30 p.m.
  • Parents who wish to withdraw their children from school should intimate the school office & should pay full pay fees of that academic year.
  • Parents must inform the school whenever there is a change in address and mobile number.

The Mission of the School is to inculcate discipline, widen the horizon of knowledge and impart life skills in children so that they become responsible citizens contributing to the welfare of the nation.

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